Life in the middle class was just fine with Julia Newman. She’d fought her way out of the slums and never planned to go back. She watched a gang of long haired bikers help her new macho neighbor move into the apartment next door on April Fool’s Day and thought the day aptly named when she spotted him. He was just the type she didn’t want anywhere near her life and she knew she should run the other way. So, why did she find her low-life neighbor, irresistible? And, what was he up to, anyway?

As an undercover vice officer, the last thing Rick needed was a tempting but off-limits schoolteacher poking around in his business. With each keeping secrets about their past, a future together looked pretty shaky. He broke out in a sweat every time he thought about the complications. Too soon, Rick was sharing more than secrets with Julia. He worried that eventually she’d find herself in deeper trouble than she–or he–could possibly handle.


Book Reviews

Affaire de Coeur Four and 1/2 Stars
Lucy Grijalva is destined to make a name for herself. Way to go Lucy! You have a winner.

Romantic Times – Four Stars
Talented author Lucy Grijalva brings a special life and depth to her characters. Undercover Love is full of warmth and passion.

Under The Covers Book Reviews – Recommended
Contemporary, set in San Francisco, Undercover Love is absolutely charming in every aspect, from the ever-so-slightly nosy heroine, Julia Newman, and her opinionated, bossy dachshund, Poppy, to the devilishly handsome, macho, earring-wearing hero, Rick Peralta, and his overly shy totally lovable golden retriever, Shemp. What else could it be, beginning as it does, on April Fool’s Day? The meeting between Julia and Rick, after he becomes her next-door-neighbor, is brought about by Poppy’s own brand of nosiness, and is original, funny, and, just possibly, sexy.

But, the novel isn’t just fluff, there is a solid story, a background of events and experiences that makes each character come alive. A third grade teacher who has fought her way out of the slums, Julia isn’t about to allow herself to be attracted to a man like Rick, a man who seems to be a biker, or worse–but attractions, especially like the fiery one growing between them, aren’t governed by yesterday’s sorrows, old pain, or fear.

Caught by his own needs and desires, Rick, an undercover cop on assignment, must fight the attraction–and he knows that he is pure trouble where Julia is concerned. How they work out their differences is a delight. Congratulations, Ms Grijalva, this is an exceptionally good read–even if it was way too short.

Painted Rock Reviews / Harriet Klausner
Undercover Love is an exhilarating, enjoyable contemporary romance whose lead characters are a captivating and charming couple. Personally, I love Lucy Grijalva’s affectionate description of police procedures that raises this novel a notch above the ordinary romance. If all the LionHearted released books are as well written as this one, this new publishing house will be a deserving, major force in the romance field.

Kathy’s Faves and Raves / Kathy Boswell – Five Thumbs Up
Julie Newman is an elementary school teacher. She’s worked hard to pull herself up out of the poor section of town to become respectable and to forget how hard her childhood was. She lives in a nice apartment complex on the edge of San Francisco’s Noe Valley. She’s been badly hurt before so she decides it’s best to just keep to herself and go about her business. That becomes very hard to do when Rick Perry moves in next door. He looks like a typical bad boy with long hair, a diamond stud in his ear and a beard. But looks can be deceiving.

Rick has a secret life. He can’t tell Julia what he’s doing until it’s all over or she might blow his cover. Rick Perry isn’t even his real name. Even though Julia tries to keep her distance, she’s just drawn to Rick. He really isn’t what he seems but could he be good for her? She’s not even sure she wants to get close enough to find out. She definitely doesn’t want to get hurt again.

This book had it all – romance, action, adventure and the requisite happy ending. I read it in one sitting and throughly enjoyed it!

Romance Reviews Today / Joyce Koehl
Undercover Love is a well-wtritten story of undercover police work and romance, and Julia and Rick are likable characters. Julia, in her previous relationship, was used by the man she loved, and she finds it very hard to open her heart to someone else for fear of having it broken again. Rick is a man dedicated to his job and rarely lets anything interfere with it. His rough exterior hides a caring, protective side. After his first marriage, Rick doesn’t think that he is meant to have a long term relationship. Neither one planned on falling in love, but after their first kiss, it was evident there was something special between them. Both are wary because of their past failures, and are determined to go slowly, but their relationship quickly heats up. Great secondary characters and Ms. Grijalva’s knowledge of police procedures make Undercover Love a book you won’t want to miss.

What Readers Are Saying

“Sensuous, funny and touching… a hero to die for, a heroine to envy, a story to love!” Cheryl Biggs, author of Hearts Divided

“Warm and witty! Romance at its best – an exciting debut! Regina Pounds, author of Theo’s Ghost

“I just finished Undercover Love by Lucy Grijalva & enjoyed it from cover to cover! I’ll be anxious for her next novel to appear! Your books are always enjoyed by me but this one is the best yet.” Carolyn B.

“An exciting, fast-paced love story!” Susan Christina, author of Lord Darver’s Match

“I received Lucy’s book today. What a terrific job! Her first page had me hooked. The cover was great and the print is large enough for over 40 eyes!” Jan Scarbrough, author of Tangled Memories

Undercover Love is a delightful story. Lucy’s characters are warm people you care about. Her humor is fantastic. I can see why you selected this manuscript. Everything said about it is true!” Suzanne Barrett, author

“I laughed out loud… a delightful book… loved the suspense and the romance was wonderful. It was very very special. I’m looking forward to more LionHearted books!” Kay B.

“I have read three books that you publish, Undercover Love, Forever My Knight, and Destiny’s Disguise. I loved all three. I didn’t want to stop reading them til I finished. I am looking forward to more books from LionHearted.” Donna B.

“I don’t read fiction. I expecially don’t read romance. But, I read this from cover to cover in two days in every spare moment. A lot of emotion, a lot of love came through. I laughed. I cried. I loved this!” Sharon W.

“I really enjoyed the book Undercover Love and the author’s characters and the way she breathed life into them. The author kept it very life like. She made her characters be true to themselves. I’m looking forward to reading more books.” Sharon V

“I loved Lucy Grijalva’s book. If this first book from LionHearted is any indication of the quality of books from LionHearted I’m going to spread the word and LionHearted’s guidelines to my RWA chapter where I serve as president. I’m looking forward to more of LionHearted’s books.” Judy P.

“I’ve bought copies of all five paperbacks listed on your order form. I’m a very picky reader and I have been extremely impressed with the three I’ve read so far.” Jen C.

“I had been reading great review about Isn’t It Romantic? and Undercover Love on the AAR list. I greatly enjoyed reading both books and was pleased with the prompt service LionHearted provided.” Rebecca