Oracle – Katherine Greyle

//Oracle – Katherine Greyle

Oracle – Katherine Greyle


Author: Katherine Greyle

ISBN 1-57343-022-6 (Paperback)

Length: 400 Pages



Jane Deerfield is having a bad millennia. Sucked forward in time two centuries after a cataclysmic nuclear event obliterated most of the planet, she’s soon on a mission to keep the survivors from repeating mankind’s mistakes. Trapped in a magical world, she never planned on falling in love with the one man who would plunge humanity back into war.

King Daken’s people are in danger of extinction by the murdering Tarveen. Desperate, he seeks an army from the Elven Lord. Jane’s sudden appearance becomes more than a distraction when she gets appointed to his position on the Elven Lord’s ruling council, then votes against his army. Now she’s in the way, and nothing will stop Daken.

Book Reviews

Romantic Times – Four and a half Stars
Exciting… Katherine Greyle’s writing and fast-paced action keep you on the edge of your seat. If you only read one book this month, this should be it!

Affaire de Coeur Six Stars
Outstanding! Way out, wild and wonderful. Just plain well plotted and well written. You will want to read it in one fell swoop, but it truly needs to be savored. Definitely a Keeper!

Romance Communications
A very exciting story. A strong cast of unique characters. Refreshing to read both a love story and a Sci-Fi that are so well blended that neither overpowers the other. I look forward to the movie and sequels from Katherine Greyle. MaryDot Pinto, Senior Editor

Under The Covers Book Reviews – Very Highly Recommended
A futuristic/time-travel, ORACLE depicts a world where magic is the outgrowth of a cataclysmic happening in the past–and it is this happening that has propelled the heroine, Jane Deerfield, a self-styled computer whiz, into a future that holds love–in the form of a very sexy hero, Daken, a king/healer who is having all kinds of trouble of his own; danger, from a very powerful wizard; and a new position that she can’t refuse. Whether she likes it or not, Jane is the Oracle, the keeper of knowledge, and the power she holds is awesome–as is the decision she has to make to save Daken and his people from a horror that feeds by night.

ORACLE is a powerful book, full of conflict, internal and external, and is almost impossible to put down. It is a romance, but it goes so far beyond that–into a world that is not beyond the realm of possibility–that it should bear the label: IMPORTANT FICTION, PLEASE READ. Ms. Greyle, I applaud your insight, your use of language, and your ability to engage all my senses, so much so that I had to read ORACLE the third time in order to take notes for this review–I was too personally involved in the first two readings and couldn’t achieve an objective distance. It is a magnificent book, destined, I believe, to stand the test of time and become a literary treasure. On second thought, it might also need a warning label that says: Extremely sexy hero, read at your own risk.

ParaNormal Romance / Sarah Pearson and Laurie Shallah
It is not very often you find a book of this caliber, one that includes high fantasy (elves, magic, etc.) with romance, yet with a science fiction element as well. But Mrs. Greyle seems to have pulled it off: this book was GOOD!

Synopsis: Jane is a computer repairwoman in our near future (2012) when she is sucked into some sort of tear to another world. There she meets Daken, a king/healer who is there when she awakens, having healed her wounds from travel. They become reluctant travel companions, as she cannot speak the language on this world and he had cast a spell that let them converse freely. She follows him to the city of the Elven Lord, who he wishes to entreat for an army to stop and eradicate the Tarveen who is preying on Daken’s people. He will do anything to get rid of the Tarveen, who is responsible for the disappearances and deaths of many of his family and people. But when Jane gets to the Elven lord’s palace, she’s in for a shock that will rock her world and shake everything she’s come to believe.

This is truly a very, very, very, very good futuristic/fantasy book! I’d had it recommended to me, and I have to say, it is worth every penny. I bought two books from LionHearted Publishing over the phone (the other being Isn’t It Romantic, a contemporary), and for a small, relatively new publisher ORACLE is quite a find! The story is great, the characterization is great, the building of the world is fantastic; it’s truly a good book. It’s one of those books that makes you think about the world around you, about what could happen in the future. It’s not like your normal futuristic; there are no spaceships, or distant planets with aliens, yet it’s very freshness is one of the things that makes it so good! I personally want to see more by Mrs. Greyle of this world and the people in it. 🙂

Inscriptions / Karen Sweeny-Justice – Four Stars and a Best Book of the Year pick
One minute Jane Deerfield is standing next to her computer on the campus of Boston University; in the next, she finds herself looking up at a really handsome guy in a field filled with vegetation she has never seen before. Disoriented, Jane comes to understand that she isn’t in Boston anymore, but in a land filled with magical powers, people and things. Jane can’t even understand the language, but thanks to a magical potion, she finds herself communicating with her handsome hero, Daken.

Daken is a king on a quest to raise an army and save his people from a mysterious enemy that threatens their welfare. And since he’s the only person that Jane can communicate with, he reluctantly lets her tag along on his jouney.

As the two travel together, the mysteries of where Jane is and how she got there are explained, and Jane and Daken not only come to respect each other, but to love each other. There’s only one problem: Jane refuses to help Daken obliterate his enemy, for she is afraid to plunge the world into a war.

Oracle is extremely well written, with a smooth blending of romance, fantasy, and science fiction elements. Katherine Greyle has not only created a fine heroine with strong moral convictions in Jane and a strong hero in Daken, but has also crafted very believable secondary characters who add even greater depth to the tale.

Without giving away any plot points, let me just add that Oracle is a book with an environmental and political message that should be read as we enter the 21st century. This was a real page-turner, and I read the entire 400 pages in one day!

Scribesworld / Diane Burton – Four Stars
On Halloween 2012, Jane Deerfield is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or is she? In one mighty roar, Earth, as she knows it, is destroyed by a nuclear holocaust. At the moment of cataclysm, Jane is yanked through a rip in the time. Suddenly, she’s in a magical place–Earth two centuries later. Determined to prevent the survivors from making the same mistakes, Jane comes face-to-face with a man determined to plunge the inhabitants into war. He also happens to be the “man of her dreams.”

King Daken’s people are being systematically slaughtered by the enemy. He doesn’t have time for this strange woman who appears out of nowhere. He must complete his mission–appeal to the Elven Lord’s ruling council for permission to raise an army before his people are decimated. He falls big time for Jane who then usurps his position on the council. But, Daken will let nothing stand in the way of his protecting his people–not even the woman he loves.

In ORACLE, Katherine Greyle graphically illustrates the axiom: those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. ORACLE has an intriguing premise, well-developed characters, amusing situations, and a rising plot that carries the reader through many surprising twists and turns. Dressing Jane in a super-hero Halloween costume–Oracle, “defender of truth, justice, and computer integrity throughout cyberspace”–before she’s yanked into the 23rd century provides comic relief. Jane is a strong character whose heart is in the right place. I just wish she hadn’t stupidly joined forces with the wrong guy. Couldn’t she see he was the villain? Of course, then the hero couldn’t rescue her. Minor detail. Same with the comment about Detroit that didn’t set well with this long-time Michigander. In the end, however, true love wins out. And isn’t that what a good romance is all about?

Bridges Magazine / Patricia Keesey – Gold
Oracle opens with a twist to the “boy meets girl” scenario. Jane Deerfield repairs the university’s computer and heads for home. Two hundred years later she awakens to “every woman’s fantasy,” King Daken. Daken has literally forced life back into Jane’s body, giving new meaning to the phrase, “kiss of life.”

Jane, a pacifist, has lost her world to the big bang. Daken, a mighty warrior, has lost his reckless freedom to become king. What is not lost is the extreme sexual desire between them, which makes for intensely good reading.

Katherine Greyle writes in a wide-open flare of fast, vivid, colorful words that cling to the readers’ imagination. This is a solid, strong, exciting read. Oracle is a rarity. It’s an award-winning book that actually deserved the medal. — A sly Sassy, Gusty Gold.

The Word On Romance / Kimberly Lightfoot
Jane Deerfield survives WW III, due to a time warp! The “new earth” is not filled with dominating, talking apes, but things aren’t the same either. For one thing, magic fills the air, literally. Mages (wizards), elves and dwarves walk the earth. And some say, in foreign parts far, far away, there be dragons.

Totally unprepared for this “new world” Jane is grateful that she has Daken, King of the Chigans, to help her adjust. The explosion that hurls Jane forward through time leaves her near death. And when Daken finds Jane he believes that her mind has been damaged and decides to nurse her back to health. Jane and Daken are mutually attracted but Jane has a hard time discerning if Daken only pities her due to her illness, and the fact that she is such a misfit, or if he really views her as a woman. One clue for Jane is Daken’s use of “sexual healing.”

As a computer technician and an educator at a major university, Jane fights tooth and nail to keep the flow of knowledge open for everyone. Knowledge was and is power to her. When a hole in time appears and sucks her in she wakes to find a strange man caring for her, which comes as a shock, especially when Daken does his mojo for them to communicate. As she acclimates herself to her “new” surroundings, Jane’s mind can’t grasp what has happened, until she relates this “new world” to the one she knew before. Realizing where things went wrong makes Jane determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past; even if this means betraying new friends, like Daken. Jane is a heroine with strong moral convictions and a bold, impetuous spirit. This leads her into a lot of trouble and real danger when Jane asserts herself and secures a powerful position.

As a member of the royal line, Daken is a “healer” someone who is able to cure people through magical manipulation. On a quest to demand an army from the Elven Lord to help his people fight an ancient enemy, he finds Jane near death in a field and his natural instincts take over. As they travel together to the Elven Lord’s home, Daken’s attraction for his feisty “fool” grows so much that when Jane unwittingly proposes to him he says yes! As the second son of a king, Daken is used to getting his own way without having to work for it. He is spoiled and cocky but insecure about his new role because he’s never had to make serious decisions. Now determination and purpose fill Daken, to honor his family and be a good king to his people. So much so that he will destroy anyone or anything that interferes with his plans for Jane and his people.

Imagine yourself in a new earth. Why is it different from the one we know now? How is it that magic exists, when as far as archeologists can tell, it never existed before? How did language develop from the one you knew to the current one? All of these questions and more are explained in the story. The subtle twists that have occurred from the current world to the “new” one are utterly believable and will make readers think if there was another nuclear war, this fantastic world would just spring up. Every possible problem is explored and explained to the delight of intelligent readers and done so skillfully that they don’t have time to come up with the questions. Katherine Greyle hypnotizes the reader and lures them seductively into her tale with excellent writing, great storytelling and infinitesimal logic. Readers become embroiled in the story and feel a part of it. Ms. Greyle seems to posses the uncanny ability to write as a reader, not to impress them with her intellectual prowess but to fascinate and hold them in breathless anticipation of what will happen next.

Romance Reviews Today / Courtney Bowden
With the epic paranormal Oracle, Katherine Greyle has created a mystical world where technology is myth, and magic rules all. In this fantastical realm, Ms. Greyle takes readers on a fascinating adventure full of love, intrigue, and plenty of suspenseful twists and turns. The core of this story is how technology can destroy people, and readers are given just a taste of how life could be if everyone were to let themselves become overwhelmed with an aspect of our life that has become second nature to us. As Jane quickly learns the truth of how and why she came to be in this place that resembles Earth, her denial and unwillingness to give up the hope that she might one day return home is very well-written, which adds even more depth to the character. And although some of her actions towards the end of the book seem childish and naive, she is still a woman many readers will relate to. A man among men, Daken is not comfortable with the responsibility that has been thrust upon him, yet he takes pride in his newfound role in life, and is determined to do what is best for his kingdom.

Rich with lush descriptions of a brave new world, likable characters and great storytelling, Oracle by Katherine Greyle is a book that will definitely be remembered!

What readers are saying

Sexy. Witty. Out of this world. I loved it!” R. Thompson

I read Oracle and ate it up! Terrific adventure. Cudos to Kathy Greyle!” Kathleen P.

“I just finished this book. WOW! It’s rare that I put a book down with a sense of having completed something of substance. The author had a message to communicate, and communicated it so well that I am in some way a better person for having read the book. I only noticed this when I put the book down, because I’d been completely transported and held in thrall by a gripping yarn in the mean time. Buy it. Read it. If all of LionHearted’s books are of this caliber, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.” J. Dunne

“WOW! What a story! I just loved ORACLE. I saw it reviewed in Romantic Times magazine and knew I had to get it. Jane and Daken were quite a couple. The whole concept of the story was just so interesting. I cried at the end when the pantar turned out to be… I even read the last couple of chapters twice because I didn’t want the story to end… A movie about ORACLE sounds like something I can’t wait to see… Thank you!!!” Diana

“I am ordering a second copy of ORACLE to pass on to my friends, I won’t let my copy out of my sight. Talk about a keeper! This one should have it’s own shelf.” Pat

“Oracle and Isn’t It Romantic? are two of the best books I’ve ever read! Thank you for publishing them.” Diedre

“I wanted to let you know how much I loved Oracle by Katherine Greyle. I read the review in Romantic Times, but then had trouble finding a listing for it to order my own copy. This was especially bad, as I work in a bookstore. finally got me my copy, and I literally devoured it in less than two days. I loved the entire concept of the book and thought it was very well written. I have also suggested to my district manager, who in turn sent the request to the paperback book buyer that we start to carry your line of books. I will be ordering titles in the future, for sure. I especially like the idea of the ebook, so that I can print it out for future reading here at home.” Martha

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Oracle. I thought it was one of the best futuristic romances I have read in a very long while. In fact, I can’t say enough good about it. I thought Jane and Daken were wonderful and extremely well developed characters. They had conflicts, but they still were drawn to each other. I also loved the way you kept me guessing about parts of the books. When the panther… it made me cry. I was sitting at my desk at lunch crying!” J.Doll

“I must tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. You have excellent authors and stories.” Hollye

“I’ve bought copies of all five paperbacks listed on your order form. I’m a very picky reader and I have been extremely impressed with the three I’ve read so far.” Jen C.

“I finished Oracle this week and it was a great experience. I haven’t read a romance or fiction for the last 20 years. I am usually deep into software manuals, Photoshop tutorials or other music or graphics software manuals. Oracle was a surprise to my virgin read – it was erotic, romantic and I didn’t want it to end.” Steve

“From the first page to the last, Oracle flowed with passion, courage, love and triumph! Masterfully written! A joy to read!” Sharon Kay – Author of Angel Fingerprints

“Oracle is one of the BEST books I’ve ever read!” Linda

“I have ordered 4 books from LionHearted. I recommend you to those who ask for referrals at the bookstore where I work. Each one I’ve read has been wonderfully written and great fun to sit back and enjoy. Oracle was fantastic. The Alliance was so good I have read it twice. Yesterday Once More was incredibly written and a delightful read. Keep up the good work. I hope you continue to have such quality writers on your list.” Martha

“This is my first LionHearted book, and I loved it! Possibly the best book I’ve ever read. Oracle was truly fabulous. I’ll be looking for more books by her.” Jennifer

“We went to the beach for the weekend and I finished Oracle! It was spellbinding! I couldn’t put it down. Considering its competition for my attention being the ocean and my family… I’d say that’s quite a compliment!!!” Julie


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