Books In Bundle:

Forever, My Knight by Lee Ann Dansby

“A tension tilled historical that pulls the reader for­ward to the end.” Affaire de Coeur

“Romance, love, passion and intrigue combine to make Forever, My Knight a compelling debut novel. You’ll fall in love with beautiful and intelligent Kaela and strong, compassionate Cameron, just as surely as they were destined to love each other!” – Vivian Vaughan Cameron D’ Abernon came to England’s shores for one purpose only-to conquer. And conquer he did. This fierce Medieval knight returns from battle to be rewarded not only with a fortress but with a wife as well. Cameron finds himself wed to the strong-willed Lady Kaela, whose heart he quickly captures. But, for him, to love means to suffer insurmountable pain. Her unconditional love gives him the strength to look within his wounded heart and face his greatest fears. His new love for her grows so strong he would enter the very tires of hell to keep Kaela by his side. And when Kaela’s life is threatened, Cameron realizes he just might have to.

Oracle by Katherine Greyle

Jane Deerfield is having a bad millennia. Sucked forward in time two centuries after a cataclysmic nuclear event obliterated most of the planet, she’s soon on a mission to keep the survivors from repeating mankind’s mistakes. Trapped in a magical world, she never planned on falling in love with the one man who would plunge humanity back into war.

King Daken’s people are in danger of extinction by the murdering Tarveen. Desperate, he seeks an army from the Elven Lord. Jane’s sudden appearance becomes more than a distraction when she gets appointed to his position on the Elven Lord’s ruling council, then votes against his army. Now she’s in the way, and nothing will stop Daken.

Isn’t It Romantic by Ronda Thompson

They’ve never met, but Katrine Summerville and Trey Westmoreland are sworn enemies. Katrine is a romance writer who, after being abandoned at the age of five, and widowed and pregnant at eighteen, doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after.

Trey is a hard-nosed newspaper literary review columnist who carries the bitter taste of a failed marriage around with him along with a resentment toward romance novels, which he believes give women a warped expectation of love.

A case of mistaken identity, a night of ill-fated attraction, and their steamy moment captured on film catapults them into four weeks of nationally publicized Hell.

P.S. I’ve Taken A Lover by Patricia Lucas White

Incarcerated in an expensive madhouse by her husband, Elizabeth Gilmartin is menopausal, but is she mad? Or is she in all truth Lolly Horn, famous author of a best-selling sensual romance novel? Does Elizabeth’s nameless fantasy lover exist, or is he, too, but a figment of her erotic delusions?

At her shrink’s orders, Elizabeth is writing her “Life-Notes.” She is supposed to be delving into her past, dissolving the delusions, learning the truth about herself. But can the truth even exist in a story that begins: If a madwoman can be believed…

But, is Elizabeth Gilmartin mad? Ah, that is the question.

Destiny’s Disguise by Candice Kohl

Lord John, the earl of Farleigh, is a formidable knight known as “The Dane”. He never expected to inherit a title or lands, but when called back to England he quickly arranges to marry the youngest daughter of a neighboring lord and do his duty by his title.

Lady Gwyneth is the neighboring lord’s eldest daughter, a widow bitter toward men. She plots to save her younger sister from the warrior’s hands by impersonating her and marrying the earl herself. John doesn’t discover her lie until after the wedding. But, Gwyneth has more than one dark secret that will test their love.

Undercover Love by Lucy Grijalva

Life in the middle class was just fine with Julia Newman. She’d fought her way out of the slums and never planned to go back. She watched a gang of long haired bikers help her new macho neighbor move into the apartment next door on April Fool’s Day and thought the day aptly named when she spotted him. He was just the type she didn’t want anywhere near her life and she knew she should run the other way. So, why did she find her low-life neighbor, irresistible? And, what was he up to, anyway?

As an undercover vice officer, the last thing Rick needed was a tempting but off-limits schoolteacher poking around in his business. With each keeping secrets about their past, a future together looked pretty shaky. He broke out in a sweat every time he thought about the complications. Too soon, Rick was sharing more than secrets with Julia. He worried that eventually she’d find herself in deeper trouble than she–or he–could possibly handle.