Isn’t It Romantic – Rhonda Thompson

//Isn’t It Romantic – Rhonda Thompson

Isn’t It Romantic – Rhonda Thompson


Author: Ronda Thompson

ISBN 1-57343-008-0 (Paperback)

Length: 347 Pages



They’ve never met, but Katrine Summerville and Trey Westmoreland are sworn enemies. Katrine is a romance writer who, after being abandoned at the age of five, and widowed and pregnant at eighteen, doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after.

Trey is a hard-nosed newspaper literary review columnist who carries the bitter taste of a failed marriage around with him along with a resentment toward romance novels, which he believes give women a warped expectation of love.

A case of mistaken identity, a night of ill-fated attraction, and their steamy moment captured on film catapults them into four weeks of nationally publicized Hell.

National Reader’s Choice finalist for Best Single Title Contemporary Romance of the Year

Book Reviews

Affaire de Coeur Six Stars
Reader beware: You will laugh so hard you may wet your…! Ronda Thompson’s ability to blend humor into contemporary romance is rare. Her tale of two opposites is devilishly simple and uniquely her own. This talented author has many twists and surprises for you. Outstanding!

Romance Reviews Today / Jennifer Bishop
Dallas, TX – Present day.
Katrine Summerville and Trey Westmoreland’s blind date is off to an interesting start. It’s not exactly a blind date…both Katrine and Trey needed an escort to a banquet, and both asked their friend Cynthia to set them up. Since Cynthia runs an escort service, both Katrine and Trey believe they are with a “professional” date. The attraction between them is immediate and the sparks between them ignite before they even get to the banquet. Of course when they arrive, the two quickly find out each other’s alter ego, and the blaze between them becomes an inferno…of a totally different kind.

Three years earlier, book reviewer T. West trashed Kat Summers newest historical romance in his newspaper column. Although the column is supposed to be T. West’s opinion, most of the review reflected his prejudice against the romance genre in general, not Kat’s book. Since the book did not do as well as had been projected, the publishing company threatened to sue. A settlement was reached, but neither Trey nor Katrine was happy, and despite having never met each other, they each consider the other their biggest nemesis. When Kat and Trey are called to the stage together to accept their awards, a very public argument ensues.

Humiliated by the scene he feels Katrine initiated, Trey strikes back in the form of another review. Some very personal and suggestive comments, along with an interesting photo that a tabloid printed, have both Trey and Katrine in some hot water. Their respective editors decide the best way to handle the publicity is to have T. West and Kat Summers collaborate on a feature for the paper. The two will go out on four dates, and each will have to write it up…Kat’s romantic vision of the date compared to Trey’s realistic view. Can the country’s most beloved romance writer convince this cynic that romance really does exist?

Packed with humor, Isn’t It Romantic? is a joy to read. The initial chemistry between them is overshadowed for a while by the animosity they feel for each other. While neither is happy with the feature, Trey decides to make this as hard for Katrine as possible; and let the games begin! Between the truck stop and the biker bar, it’ll be next to impossible for Kat to find anything romantic about Trey’s idea of a date, but in the end, Kat gets a little revenge of her own.

On the whole, the book focuses on the humor in their situation, but both characters are pretty much loaded down with baggage, which does bring the occasional serious note to the story. Kat’s eleven-going-on-thirty daughter Shelly will help Katrine deal with the issues haunting her, but Shelly adds a unique brand of humor also. For an entertaining book that will have you laughing out loud, I highly recommend Isn’t It Romantic?

The Romantic Bower
WARNING: Do not read this book late at night and expect your family to remain unaware. Page after page of romantic filled comedy is guaranteed to give you as much pleasure as a romantic vacation. Given half a chance, Ronda Thompson’s Isn’t It Romantic? will storm the movie industry and be the box office smash of the decade.

Under The Covers Book Reviews – Highly Recommended
Isn’t It Romantic? is certainly that, but it is also one of the funniest books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. How can anyone resist a contemporary romance that begins: “My mom sells sex for a living.” ? Katrine Summerville, the bright, mentally gifted heroine, writes sexy romances, under a psydonym, for a living, but she doesn’t have a love life of her own.

Well, not until she meets Trey Westmoreland, the man the Dating Service has guaranteed to be a perfect escort, the man with a price tag she has engaged to take her to an award ceremony. He thinks he has hired her as a companion for the evening, but after the daughter’s remark, maybe for more. Although neither of them know it at the time, they do have a history–and not a pleasant one.

A newspsperman who also uses a psydonym, Trey writes reviews, and gave her a terrible one in the past (for which she sued him and won), and is up for an award at the same ceremony. What happens from that inauspicious meeting is a hilarious romp through the maze of sizzling physical attraction, growing involvement, and competitive one-upmanship that could only have been set in Texas. And what the hero and heroine do to each other in the competition that follows has to be read to be believed–and prepare for major laughter while you read.

If you like romantic comedy, complete with hot romance, sparkling dialog, and action that is non-stop, this is the book for you. Not only is the hero a first-order hunk, and the heroine a woman with a mind as well as a body, the secondary characters are believable, well-rounded, and as diverse as the situations the major characters get themselves into. Ms. Thompson, please, I beg you, do your eager fans a favor and write another book as quickly as possible.

Sally’s Reading Corner (review excerpt)
Isn’t It Romantic? is fun. It’s fast-moving, bouncy and amusing, and it also has heart.

Basically, it’s about Katrine Summerville, a widowed romance writer with a daughter, and Trey Westmoreland, a divorced journalist whose ex-wife didn’t want children. Sounds like a match made in heaven, but Trey disapproves of romance and his evil review of one of Katrine’s novels three years ago has left no chance of a meeting, let alone a romance.

There’s seduction and mayhem, a punch-up or three, an amazing condom hunt and more. It’s over the top, but somehow you’re in there cheering for the characters and more likely to smile or laugh aloud than squirm. The author obviously had a lot of fun with her characters, even to seting up Trey to look like the perfect hero and to bear a romantic-hero type name. It is about as un-mushy as you’re likely to get. The cover is very pleasing, too; it made me smile to look at it.

All About Romance (review excerpt)
I first opened my copy of Isn’t It Romantic? while riding the subway in Washington, D.C. It was a unique experience. One minute I was a quiet passenger, the next I was whooping with laughter. I’m sure there are people in our nation’s capital still wondering about that hysterical woman on the Red Line train.

As the story opens, Katherine Summerville, romance writer, and Trey Westmoreland, Dallas book critic, dislike one another intensely. But, in spite of years of animosity they have never met. After a series of mishaps too hilarious so spoil with recounting, they are assigned by Trey’s boss and her editor to work on a newspaper feature on the nature of romance. The work involves one month of intense dating, during which Katherine is to write about how romantic the dates are, and Trey is to provide the unsentimental commentary.

Shall I tell you about these dates? I’d love to but I can’t. They’s surprises are half the fun. I’ll give you a hint though, one involves midget mud-wrestling. The locations of these engagements are bad enough but when Katherine finally turns the tables by planning her own romantic evening, Trey strikes back by behaving like one of her fictional heroes. It’s a classic case of being careful of what you wish for. Watching these two go after one another provides one of the most consistently entertaining books I have read in some time.

One of the best things about Isn’t It Romantic?, from a romance fan’s point of view, is the way Ronda Thompson pokes gentle fun at the romance genre even as she defends it. This is Ronda’s first published work. What a debut!

I loved Isn’t It Romantic? The chemistry between Katherine and Trey is established right away. You never doubt that when these two get together they will make each other’s lives permanently interesting. Unlike many romantic comedy writers, Ronda Thompson understands when to slow down the action and let the characters talk about serious matters. Katherine and Trey are funny, but they are real people each with his and her own vulnerabilities. By the last line of the book I felt I knew them well. Truth be told, I miss them already.

Belles & Beaux / Suzanne Coleburn
I‘m having a ball reviewing books for LionHearted Publishing! These books stay around for quite a while and you don’t run the chance of missing out on a great read. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

I was laughing my head off at Ronda Thompson’s debut novel Isn’t It Romantic? while my husband and I were on a road trip, and the time just flew by while I was being royally entertained. In the privacy of my own car it didn’t matter how much I laughed out loud or told my hubby what a funny book it was. He’s used to all my antics now.

Katrine Summerville, romance writer, and Trey Westmoreland, newspaper literary review columnist have been enemies ever since Trey gave Kat Summers a bad review on her romance book three years ago and Kat threatened to sue the paper. Now Katrine needs an escort and Trey needs a date for an awards dinner. Their mutual friend who owns an escort service sets up the date with hilarious results, and one night of instant attraction explodes into newsworthy exploits. Boy oh boy, will you ever be laughing. Now these two have to go on specific dates for four weeks and write it up for the newspaper Trey works for.

Trey and Katrine both have troubled pasts, but when the love bug bites two drop dead gorgeous people something’s got to give. The situations and people they meet on their dates are unbelievably funny and inventive. I fell in love with this book and the strong dynamic characters created by Ms. Thompson. The sassy dialog makes this book a must read! Katrine’s eleven year-old-daughter Shelly adds just the right touch to set you off laughing on page one! Please don’t miss this romantic comedy. It’s a keeper!

Ronda Thompson has a special gift for comedy that will keep you laughing long after you’ve closed the book.

I’d Kill for One Date with Trey. This MAN is unforgettable! reviews

A reader from Maryland – Five Stars
A romantic comedy that sparkles!

If you enjoy romance with a good dose of humor you will love this book. The hero and heroine make a great match. He must prove that romance does not exist, she must prove him wrong.

The first chapter in this book contains a misunderstanding so hilarious that it’s hard to believe that no one has thought of it before.

sOdgers from Tasmania – Five Stars
Romance can be such fun! I enjoyed Isn’t It Romantic? a lot.
First of all, I liked the cover. OK, I know we shouldn’t judge books by covers, but this one is tops, and relects the book’s personality perfectly. Katrine and Trey — one a romance writer, one a journo who hates romance. A meeting made in hell — or rather, cooked up by their respective editors! I won’t gtive away the plot, but I will say it plays back and forth like a tennis match, tit for tat, as two strong characters fight it out in the arena. OK, they’re fighting one another, but they’re also up against themselves and their own pasts. Sounds like weighty stuf, but it’s fun, fun, fun all the way. Washday will never be the same and the concept of s*fe s*x is presented in – shall we say – a highly memorable fashion?

I’m smiling as I write, and I’d happily recommend this one to any readers witha a taste for a dash of fun to spice up their romances.

Harriet Klausner – Five Stars
Yes – It is beautifully romantic, but humorous and serious.

Though they have never met, even if they did, nothing would come if it because they both carry baggage. Katrine Summerville writes romance novels so well that even her editor thinks she is a natural. However, Katrine’s past taught her that happiness is a passing illusion leading to a broken heart. Trey Westmoreland writes book reviews and loathes romance novels for their phony endings ever since his own marriage failed.

These two once shared a court date when she sued him over the contents of one of his reviews. However, they both use literary pseudonyms so when the dating service matched them up for an awards program neither was aware of the other’s true identity. They are instantly attracted to one another and become the darlings of the tabloid set. Still love blossms, but nehither one believes in long term relationships.

Isn’t It Romantic? is a very humorous novel that will cause readers to answer yes to the title question. The story line is simply a romantic romp between two lead protagonists who do not trust in forever relationships. Katrine’s eleven year old child adds to the overall mirth from the opening gamut. Though the plot is lighthearted and jocular, Ronda Thompson displays her writing skills by keeping a serous undertone involving the impact of the past on present relationships. Ms. Thompson is clearly a writing lion when it comes to providing readers with an amusing and entertaining, yet thoughtful look inside the heart.

The Word On Romance / Robin Peek
Romance author Katrine Summerville may write about happily-ever-after in her books, but it’s not something in which she believes. Abandoned at five by her mother, Katrine married at eighteen. She found herself pregnant and widowed all at once when an accident claimed the life of her husband. Needing an escort for the authors and writers awards ceremony, Katrine asks her friend, Cynthia for help. The gorgeous man who shows up at her door, is the hero dreams are made of. Katrine gets the shock of her life later when she discovers her date is none other than the review columnist who trashed her books publicly… Trey Westmoreland.

A tough reporter, Trey Westmoreland carries around baggage from a bad marriage, and therefore thinks romance books give women the wrong ideas about love. Needing an escort, Trey seeks help from a friend who sets him up with Kat Summers. Little does Trey know Kat is actually Katrine Summerville, the romance author he trashed in one of his columns.

After watching the sparks fly, Trey’s publisher comes up with a perfect idea… these two are going to go out for a week and then write an article about their views on romance. Both are reluctant at first, but putting their feelings aside and with much trepidation agree. This begins their journey of laughter, passion, and all out war.

Isnt It Romantic? by author Ronda Thompson is a romantic comedy in every sense of the word. I started laughing with the first line and didn’t stop until the last page. Ms. Thompson certainly knows how to grab your attention. Trey and Katrine are perfect for each other if they can just get past the romance thing. Their attraction is powerful, and sometimes gets them into trouble. Not bad trouble, but the looking for a bed kind. The secondary characters add humor and wit to this already wonderful story.

Ms. Thompson writes a tickle your funny bone romance in Isnt It Romantic?. Her characters are funny, and passionate and the story jam packed with non-stop action will leave you breathless. I still chuckle over that first line… Shelly greeting Trey at the door and saying…”My mom sells sex for a living.” Funny, funny, funny. Go to today and order your copy of Isnt It Romantic?. Definitely not one to be missed.

What Readers Are Saying

“I was on the floor laughing! It is the funniest book I’ve read in my life.Chris

“I started reading it at bedtime, and read straight through until after 5am! I kept getting out of bed to go lock myself in the bathroom so I wouldn’t wake my husband, I was laughing so hard.” Elizabeth

“You warned me it was funny… but you didn’t tell me I would cry. It was great!” Denise

“If this book doesn’t get an award, something is wrong. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I couldn’t put it down. I never do this but I called about 8 friends and said you’ve got to get this book! I loved it!!” Sue

I laughed alone in my bed till I’m sure my family thought I was crazy as a Loon. I’ve never written a publisher before but felt I needed to tell someone the joy I felt reading Isn’t It Romantic.” Willa

“Isn’t It Romantic? is fun. It’s fast-moving, bouncy and funny, and it has heart. There is seduction and mayhem, a punch-up or three, an amazing condom hunt and more. It’s over the top. You are in there cheering for the characters and are likely to smile or laugh alound. The author obviously had a lot of fun with her characters. Isn’t It Romantic? is great fun, and about as un-mushy as you’re likely to get. It gets my vote as one of my year’s Top Ten.” Sally

“I just finished Isn’t It Romantic? It was the best read I’ve had in a LONG time!” Deborah

“Isn’t It Romantic? is a great book… This is the first book I have read from your publishing company but it won’t be the last. Thanks! Linda

“Isn’t It Romantic? and Oracle are two of the best books I’ve ever read! Thank you for publishing them.” Diedre

“Isn’t It Romantic? is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time. Rhonda Thompson is right up there with Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jill Barnett, which in my opinion is saying a lot. I hope Ms. Thompson has another book coming out soon.” Pam

“I must tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. You have excellent authors and stories.” Hollye

“Dear friends. If you don’t read another book, be sure and pick up Rhonda Thompson’s Isn’t It Romantic?. I’ve recommended it to many friends and I can tell you it is one of the most charming and laugh-out-loud romps I’ve read in a lont time. Plus the secondary characters are hilarious. I would love to see T.V. pick it up. Wonderful job Rhonda. Hope you have another coming soon.” Willadena

“I’ve bought copies of all five paperbacks listed on your order form. I’m a very picky reader and I have been extremely impressed with the three I’ve read so far.” Jen C.

“I just want to complement you on your service… you replied to my first e-mail promptly and were so nice (above and beyond the call of duty). Then you took the time and trouble to check with me again to be sure I had gotten the book and was happy with it! WOW! You dont find service like that anymore. I would love a listing of romance novels that you have available ie: romantic suspense, horror, contemporary, historical any of it. I absolutely love to read and I would LOVE to do as much business with you as possible! Again, thank-you for the wonderful and personal service!” Joey

“It’s a keeper! I’m not loaning this out, I’d never get it back.” Jean

“I loved it! Funny, sensual and action-packed, I didn’t want to put it down.” Sharon

“I had been reading great review about Isn’t It Romantic? and Undercover Love on the AAR list. I greatly enjoyed reading both books and was pleased with the prompt service LionHearted provided.” Rebecca

“Ronda Thompson’s book is delightful and funny. You’re right, that little scene with the mud wrestling midget made the book!” Sue

“It is a laugh a chapter and a smile a minute page turner with great characters to spend time with. The plot is very original and fun filled with mishaps. The 11 year old daughter is a scream. I’ve read two LionHearted titles and both have been excellent stories quite unique to their genre. I’ve enjoyed them so much. Thank you.” Sharon H.

“Isn’t It Romantic? Is a wonderful and engaging story with a good ending.” Burke Franklin, Founder & CEO, JIAN Software

“Go away mom — I’m reading.” “Definitely the best — more than worth the money.” Kati (age 16)



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