“A tension tilled historical that pulls the reader for­ward to the end.” Affaire de Coeur

“Romance, love, passion and intrigue combine to make Forever, My Knight a compelling debut novel. You’ll fall in love with beautiful and intelligent Kaela and strong, compassionate Cameron, just as surely as they were destined to love each other!” – Vivian Vaughan Cameron D’ Abernon came to England’s shores for one purpose only-to conquer. And conquer he did. This fierce Medieval knight returns from battle to be rewarded not only with a fortress but with a wife as well. Cameron finds himself wed to the strong-willed Lady Kaela, whose heart he quickly captures. But, for him, to love means to suffer insurmountable pain. Her unconditional love gives him the strength to look within his wounded heart and face his greatest fears. His new love for her grows so strong he would enter the very tires of hell to keep Kaela by his side. And when Kaela’s life is threatened, Cameron realizes he just might have to.