Destiny’s Disguise – Candice Kohl

//Destiny’s Disguise – Candice Kohl

Destiny’s Disguise – Candice Kohl


Author: Candice Kohl

ISBN 1-57343-006-4 (Paperback)

Length: 334 Pages




Lord John, the earl of Farleigh, is a formidable knight known as “The Dane”. He never expected to inherit a title or lands, but when called back to England he quickly arranges to marry the youngest daughter of a neighboring lord and do his duty by his title.

Lady Gwyneth is the neighboring lord’s eldest daughter, a widow bitter toward men. She plots to save her younger sister from the warrior’s hands by impersonating her and marrying the earl herself. John doesn’t discover her lie until after the wedding. But, Gwyneth has more than one dark secret that will test their love.

Book Reviews

Affaire de Coeur Four and 1/2 Stars

A deliciously convoluted romance. Believable characters and true to period situations. A deliciously convoluted romance… Hip-hip-hurrah!

Under The Covers Book Reviews – Recommended
This medieval romance, set in England during the reign of Henry and Eleanor of Aquitaine, has a heroine that is a cut above the rest and a plot that has surprises at every twist and turn. Ms Kohl has done her research, uses it judiciously, and, with a deft hand indeed, keeps the heroine very much a woman of her time, but still a woman that can be admired and understood by today’s reader.

A widow and glad of it, Gwyneth has been physically abused and publicly humiliated by both her late husband and her father. She has no use for men, no expectations of love, and no hope for a happy future. But she is strong enough, devious enough, and daring enough to do whatever is necessary to keep her younger sister from the same fate.

She pretends to be her much younger sister and marries Lord John, the earl of Farleigh, a scarred mercenary knight who has but recently returned to England to claim his inheritance, after sending her sister off to marry the girl’s true love.

The marriage, which she consummates in a rather unusual manner, and her new husband, are not what she expected, and neither is the love that fills her heart. But that is only the beginning of this exciting read. This is a great, sexy, completely believable work that is the first book in a trilogy.

My heartfelt compliments, Ms. Kohl, I loved it.

The Word On Romance / Robin Peek – Highly Recommended
Lord John, the Earl of Farleigh, a mercenary knight for too many years to count, returns to England and is rewarded a castle. John plans to marry the youngest daughter of Arnulf, Lady Gwendolyn. He expects a virgin, shy bride…what he gets is a temptress who visits him in his dreams and seduces his heart. What happens when he discovers he’s been tricked?

Lady Gwyneth suffered humiliation and pain from her now deceased husband during their marriage. When she discovers sweet Gwendolyn is to marry a big brute of a man, Gwyneth is spitting mad. There is no way she will let this marriage take place, especially when Gwendolyn loves another. Forming a plan, sure to succeed since Lord John barely even gave notice to his bride-to-be, Gwyneth plans to marry him instead. She doesn’t count on the feelings and desires that Lord John awakens in her. Will he annul the marriage when he discovers the deception?

A romance steeped in history and medieval times, DESTINY’S DISGUISE takes readers on a journey of love and deception. Strong and loyal, Gwyneth who will go to great lengths to protect those she loves. A great mercenary warrior, John is more than happy to settle down with a wife and someday children. He is weary of the old life and just wants happiness and peace. The reader will chuckle over this because what John gets is anything but at peace with the Lady Gwyneth. Disobeying his orders at every turn, always into trouble, John vows he will protect the lady, even from herself. The love that blossoms between these two is a delight to watch and even though both are unsure of the other, they strive to make it work.

Ms. Kohl pens a richly, medieval tale filled with passion and intrigue in DESTINY’S DISGUISE. Her characters are interesting, and hold the reader’s attention throughout the story. This reader found herself chuckling aloud at some of the ideas and troubles that Gwyneth seemed to harbor. Lord John is the perfect hero, battle scarred but faithful and true to the woman he loves.

For an enjoyable book to read in one sitting, go to LionHearted Publishing and order your copy of DESTINY’S DISGUISE today. I highly recommend it!

Romance Reviews Today / Jani Brooks – Very Highly Recommended
Destiny’s Disguise has a unique plot in which the hero and heroine are much older than in most romances. John, fortyish, travel-worn and lonley, is refreshingly sweet, but hardly a pushover. Gwyneth’s heart has been stone cold for most of her thirty-odd years after living with a cruel father, then an equally unkind husband, but her awakening will gratify the reader. There are occasional humorous parts when John tries to understand his lovely wife’s stubbornness and sharp tongue, as well as Gwyneth’s delightfully naughty foray into her new husband’s room. Excellent research went into this story, and the writing is just as exceptional. Have a fan handy for some very sensual scenes!

With villains who are wicked and several secondary characters begging for their own stories, Ms. Kohl has penned a throughly enjoyable novel. I very highly recommend Destiny’s Disguise to fans of historical romance.

What Readers Are Saying

“What a wonderful book! It is an unusual look at medieval England, complete with some very unique love scenes.” Heather N.

Destiny’s Disguise is an incredible read, a real keeper, and Candice Kohl is a writer to treasure.” Patricial Lucas White, author of P.S.> I’ve Taken A Lover

“I just finished reading Destiny’s Disguise and I loved your story! Can’t wait for the continued stories.” Adoree Corder, author

“I have read three books that you publish, Destiny’s Disguise, Forever My Knight, and Undercover Love. I loved all three. I didn’t want to stop reading them til I finished. I am looking forward to more books from LionHearted.” Donna B.

“I must confess. I am not the romance novel type. I have never actually read one–they just didn’t interest me. So it was a bit of trepidation that I began… What followed amazed me. The first page made me a little nervous–not just romance but medieval–I mean there were a few words I’d never even seen before. But within a few pages I was sucked in and I, who normally take weeks or months to read any book–or stick a kleenex ’round about page 50, never to return–finished the whole book in 24 hours. I LOVED IT! Your dialogue is excellent and your settings/characters expertly drawn… my God, girl, you really had me going! I suddenly understood the popularity of the romance novel–suddenly understand why airport racks are full of the stuff. I really, really did like it–my hat is off to you.” Susan L.

“I must tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. You have excellent authors and stories.” Hollye B.

“I’ve bought copies of all five paperbacks listed on your order form. I’m a very picky reader and I have been extremely impressed with the three I’ve read so far.” Jen C.

“I just read Destiny’s Disguise by Candice Kohl and I LOVED it!!! It put a new spin on the normal medieval and the characters were fantastic! Medievals are my favorite time period to read, and this one is definitely a keeper!! Ann

“I read Destiny’s Disguise, and I kept feeling like I knew these people! It wasn’t so much the similarity to the stories, although I noticed them crossing into each other, I just thought… coinincident. I knew the people. Their actions and behavior. The way they looked and thought. You are a great writer. The descriptions you gave made me feel as if I were there, and I got no sleep reading your books!” Raven


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